Books Needed for Ebell Library Collection

March 31, 2021

A year before the Covid Pandemic, a small group of Ebell members volunteered to assist in the project of reorganizing and updating our beautiful Ebell Library. In the process, we discovered books inscribed to The Ebell by the authors, whose books had then become part of the Ebell collection. Because our hope is to strengthen our library with materials by women and about women, and about local and California history, we wish especially to add works from authors who have given talks here at The Ebell as well as books by our own illustrious member authors, most recently, Susan Van Allen, Beverly Clarkson (who will be speaking on April 14, 3:00 p.m.), Jane Gilman, Phyllis Hansen and Patty Lombard, to name a few. In addition, the Zoom programs developed under Program Chair Phyllis Hansen have featured numerous fascinating authors on subjects as diverse as hikes in Griffith Park and the life of a woman in Edo era Japan.

To enrich our Ebell Library collection, we invite members to donate books to The Ebell that they may have acquired or are willing to acquire on our behalf by authors who have spoken at The Ebell. Many of the books can be ordered online or through your local bookstore.

If you would be interested in making such a donation, please contact Loyce Braun.