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A great resource for wedding tips. Learn how to find the best wedding venues in Southern California. Get wedding tips on the best venues for outdoor weddings in California. Find wedding tips on planning an outdoor wedding in Los Angeles. Get idea on how to make memories that will last at lifetime at The Ebell of Los Angeles. Our most recent tips include how to plan an outdoor wedding venue. You will also find what to look for in wedding venues in Southern California.

Tips for Outdoor Weddings in California

wall projection of the classic movie Casablanca in The Garden of The Ebell of Los Angeles

In Southern California, outdoor weddings are easy and beautiful thanks to a mild climate. Here are some of the best tips your outdoor wedding.

Looking for the Best LA Wedding Venue for You?

Best LA Wedding Venue

After getting engaged, your first question might be “Where will we get married?” Here’s what to look for in your search for the best Los Angeles wedding venue.