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Book Chamber | February 27

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024 — 6:30 pm

Empress of the NileChristiane DeRoches-Noblecourt: A daredevil, indeed.  Scholar of Egyptology, curator at the Louvre, hands-on archaeologist (who timely encouraged a discouraged Howard Carter to persevere in his quest for Tut’s tomb), savior of museum treasures from the Nazis, French resistance fighter… and most importantly, preservationist. She charismatically enjoined the Egyptian Minster of Culture, chief of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and myriad more, including Jacqueline Kennedy (remember her successful preservation of Times Central Station?), to saw Abu Simbel from its stone cliff and hoist it up, high above the dam-flooded Nile.  I did not know her name or accomplishments until now.  Do you? Join us to celebrate Christiane’s adventures February 27.

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Constance Hornig, Chair

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