Executive Director’s Message

Posted by Stacy Brightman

June 22, 2022

Hello, and summer greetings to all!

I am writing this on the summer solstice from one of my favorite cities in the world, London. After many delays, my husband and I have finally been able to make the trip we had planned to make in spring 2020. We are seeing dear long-time friends, historic sites and loads and loads of theatre. I feel renewed and inspired, and incredibly grateful that we have been able to make this trip, especially as there has been and continues to be too much suffering in the world. At the same time, my gratitude for this trip and the way it has reinvigorated me makes me feel the obligation and privilege of paying it forward to someone else. How may I show my appreciation for these inspiring experiences?

Of course, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I realize the answer is in my own back yard: The Ebell. The Ebell has always been a place and community designed to inspire (though most English persons would consider our historic 1927 campus rather “new”). Art and education are like magic carpets (or better yet, ruby slippers) that expand our horizons, inspire us and transport us. Those experiences are made more powerful in the company of dear friends and companions. How fortunate we are to be part of The Ebell membership community dedicated to inspiring and uplifting Los Angeles. It appears I did not need to go looking for inspiration across the ocean, but I am grateful that it has helped me appreciate even more, what we have at home with The Ebell.

I am also particularly grateful for the dear friends and leaders who have served The Ebell as board members over the past several years and are now completing their terms. Lorraine Spector saw that we must commit to building our future through contributed revenue and fundraising, in addition to earned revenue. She is a passionate, dedicated champion for the work we must do to secure our future. Aretha Green is a pillar of strength, intelligence, and grace, and has welcomed scores of new members into The Ebell this year. She sets an example of how one can lead with warmth and kindness. And last but never least, the amazing Patricia Lombard had been an extraordinary and visionary leader and friend to me and the entire Ebell staff. When we felt tired, a little defeated or truly afraid of what might be around the corner, she has been unfailingly there to encourage, inspire or even help get the job done. To each of them, as well as to all our continuing board members, I offer my profound and admiring gratitude. You inspire us, and we will do our best to pay it forward!