Meet the New Members

February 8, 2023

New MembersAt the last count, we have 513 members and since June we’ve added over 100 new members!  A warm welcome to our newest, below:

Rachel Shader
Marci Pool
Kimberly Miller
Bonnie Stoll
Diana Nyad
Cynthia Toneza Buiza
Nancy Schechter
Barbara Mack
Heidi Duckler
Martha Chowning
Kathleen Thorpe
Elizabeth Levin
Gina Baffo
Nurit Siegal Smith
Amy Phillips
Monica Horan Rosenthal
Jackie Lopez
Elizabeth Dennehy
Sabra Williams
Melissa Chalsma
Mary Ann Smith
Kathryn Bundy
Nancy Scher
Lauren Darling
Aubrey Hicks
Erni Miller
Faith Raiguel
Kara Newmark
Linda Johnson
Annie Goepel
Jeannine Frank
Susan Van Allen

Welcome, one and all!