Meet the New Members

from Aretha Green, Director of Membership

August 1, 2021

Meet our new members and let’s welcome them!

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years including production, theatre, live music (running a club), music supervision, working in the synchronization department at Kobalt Music, and in the past two years has been working in producing for film/TV and podcasting. In 2018, she started her own company, “Rat Dance Party”, which started out as a music supervision company and in the next few years will start to become a production company as well having a mentor program for people of all backgrounds and ages, to give them real life experience to put on their resumé so they can move forward in their career.

Besides film, TV, live theatre, and music she volunteers with DTLA Proud, the Food Bank, and she is on the alumni board of her college for her sorority at Whittier. She helped found the Palmer Scholarship that teaches women in her sorority life skills from interviewing to resumé writing. This scholarship fund helps to pay for college tuition for sisters in the society. She loves going to museums, art, lectures, reading, hanging out with her two pet rats, traveling, wine, and food. She loves meeting new people of all different backgrounds and industries. “It is boring to have friends only in the entertainment industry!” she says.

Mima Siegel
Mima trained in Physical Therapy in Israel and has been a Physical Therapist at Cedars Sinai Medical School for 30 years.  Her interests are pickleball, tennis, lawn bowling, mahjong, theatre and her family.



Pat Lebel
Pat has a BSc from Boston College and a Masters Degree from UCLA.  She is a retired Family Nurse Practitioner and her interests are travel, literature, theatre, music, and art: she is a docent at LACMA.  The picture (left) was taken on a recent trip to Japan.



Janice Kroll

Janice Kroll
Janice has a Law degree in International Relations from UCLA and a Ph.D from USC.  Now retired, she worked for 20 years at the US Department of Energy, supporting the strategic arms control community, and in aerospace.  She has also been a trial lawyer, specializing in real estate and product liability.  Her hobbies are being outdoors, hiking and skiing, and the arts: reading and learning.  She also loves travel and being with her family.


Photo of Dorothy Young

Dorothy Sedacy
Dorothy is a Registered State Nurse and has also been an entrepreneur in fincance.  Her hobbies include reading, traveling, nature, knitting and crochet.



Kathy Roshay
Kathy is a Financial Advisor, with a BSc in Business Management, and has been working in Private Wealth Management for the past 14 years. She has two adult children: “They both live locally – one in West Hollywood and one in North Hollywood, so I am lucky to see them often,” she says.  Her hobbies include music and fitness, and she volunteers at Downtown Women’s Center.  She was previously Board Director at the domestic abuse shelter Haven Hills, “but I’ve since passed that torch.”


Tiia Mandell
 Tiia has a degree in Design from UCLA and works in the fields of fashion, interior design, and jewelry and accessory design.  She loves reading, travel, wildlife and hiking, and has interests in historic preservation, art, ballet and symphony.



Gena Davis
Dr Gena Davis is a Psychologist. She is founder and CEO of True Synergy, Inc, a boutique professional and organizational development company that specializes in transformational change for organizations, leaders and industries, where she focuses on Organizational Psychology, Executive Coaching, and Internal Brand Strategy.  In her spare time she loves arts and crafts, nature walking, traveling and reading about spiritual education, health and wellbeing.