The Legacy Tea

Honoring Gloria Droguett and Betty Jean Shea

June 22, 2022

The Legacy TeaMembers gathered on Wednesday, June 15, for the annual Legacy Tea honoring the memories of two Ebell members and three spouses.

Former Ebell President Loyce Braun began the ceremony with the following remarks:

“To begin with, there have never been times at The Ebell of Los Angeles that were not interesting times, from its determined beginnings in the Miss Parson’s parlor  through five other moves before arriving here at Wilshire and Lucerne, at the peak of its prominence.

“Moving west from the center of town as Los Angeles surged and grew, The Ebell grew as well, responding to boom times and war times and depressions and recessions, shutting down only twice in its history, first for the flu epidemic of 1918 and then, 101 years later, for the second time, for Covid 19. But from the crest of Ebell’s ambition and influence in 1927, when, 3,000 members settled into this beautiful campus, the vast changes of the 20th and 21st centuries: changes in educational and civic and career opportunities for women – changes sought after and worked for by the Ebell’s members – also changed the landscape that had made The Ebell, the “University of The Ebell,” as one of our magazines from the 20’s described it, a compelling source of opportunity for learning and putting to use skills of organization, leadership, management, civic outreach and social engagement. The very successes of women’s organizations such as The Ebell, shifted the landscape of women’s time away from them as more women pursued professional careers.

“When Gloria Droguett joined The Ebell in 1979, its membership was 1,136. When Betty Jean Shea joined The Ebell eleven years later, in 1990, our membership was 429. By 1999, it was 393.

“To find its way forward in dramatically changing circumstances, Ebell members like Gloria and Betty Jean worked tirelessly to sustain the Ebell’s fundamental values, to perpetuate its good works and significance in the community and to achieve the financial stability that would allow its family of members to increase and thrive. These are the same goals on the same journey that both challenge and inspire us today, as we pay tribute to two essential members who worked unceasingly for the Ebell, and three gentlemen who cheered our leaders on along the way.”

Gloria Droguett
Member 1979-2022
Holder of innumerable board positions and chairmanships

Betty Jean Shea
Member 1990-2022
Ebell President 1994-1996







We also shared condolences upon the recent passing of Sandy McLean, Jack Lachter, and John Selby, whose support of our former Presidents Fluff McLean, Kay Lachter, and Board Member Ramona Selby, enriched us all.