Who’s in the Spotlight? You Are

from Catherine Hicks, Spotlight Chair

September 29, 2020

Catherine Hicks, Spotlight Chair

SPOTLIGHT is a place – virtual, for now – where members can come to share the unique journeys they have carved on the path toward realizing their careers or dreams or, in many cases, both!

So far, we’ve heard from two career military veterans, Elizabeth Yeo and Cecilie Korst; Lebanon and world traveler Venita de Souza; Club president emeritus, Ginger Barnard, who led all protocol for LA and the 1984 Olympics; Tiffany Tatum, a Doctor of Psychology, who has treated patients in most every field of affliction; Paulinda Schimmel, who founded the Ovarian Cancer Circle after her daughter battled and eventually lost her life to the disease; Heilindia Brown, who spoke about The Achiever Program, The Affair of Honor – a program for outstanding African American male high-school seniors; and Elizabeth Malloy, a dementia expert.  Shortly, we will hear from Vanessa Diaz, a young events business owner who grew up three miles from the Mexican border, and Suzi Click Lewis, a fashion designer and expert on foreign textiles.

Bi-monthly, Spotlight is presented on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm, immediately before our Confab at 4:00pm. Casual and joyful, the time passes quickly as members tell their stories, with plenty of room for questions from attendees. We welcome every club member. No story is too small, no profile too minor. Each of us deserves… the SPOTLIGHT!