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The Ebell of LA is a woman-led/women-centered tax-exempt nonprofit that uplifts and serves our Los Angeles community through accessible arts, learning, service, and civic engagement.  Women’s voices and contributions are still marginalized, and women still only earn .82 cents on each dollar a man earns. The Ebell uses arts, learning and service to change and eliminate these inequities, and put women’s stories, talents and aspirations center stage, where they belong.

The Ebell of LA campus has been an invaluable cultural space and architectural monument since 1927. The Ebell has weathered wars, depressions, recessions, and a global pandemic; we now have the opportunity to ensure it remains and grows as a beautiful and accessible home for arts, culture and community for all Angelenos.

Please give what you are able to our Annual Ebell Stewardship Drive. There are many ways to give and each gift directly supports the loving care and repair of our campus and collections, and makes our vibrant programs and events accessible. You may also click here to learn about the many more options you have including, Planned Giving, to play a leading and enduring role in The Ebell’s future.

And remember, if you would like to make a contribution through a foundation or donor advised fund, Ebell Friends, a 501 (c) (3) public charity makes it especially easy and convenient to do so! Visit the Ebell Friends page here.

“I will find a way, or make one”  –  Ebell of LA Motto