• How many ballrooms do you have?

    There are 3 main rooms on the first floor plus multiple smaller rooms on the second and third floors.

  • Do you have guaranteed parking?

    We have two parking lots available for rent with a total of 280 parking spaces plus with City permitting there is street parking available. One parking lot is used for Base Camp while the other is only used for Crew Parking. Access to both lots is not always guaranteed and dependent on Ebell events and activities. Production may have to save specific parking spaces for Ebell use, which will be discussed prior to rental.

  • What about early and late access?

    Because we are in a residential neighborhood, access before 7am and after 10 pm requires a permit from the city. Survey and signatures of surrounding neighbors are required for early and late access.

  • Can we attach scenery and equipment to the walls?

    We prefer that this does not happen, however we realize that it may be unavoidable. Should there be any damage to the structure, the appropriate charges will be deducted from the security deposit.

  • Do you have elevators to the upper floors?

    No. All equipment must be carried up the stairs. We have a small passenger elevator reserved only for individuals who may have trouble using the stairs.

  • Do you have a loading ramp?

    All furniture and equipment must be loaded through the West Lot/Porte Cochere entrance.

  • Can we use the Ebell furniture?

    Yes, the Ebell antique pieces can be rented—all fees differ. Rented rooms come empty unless furniture rentals have been arranged.

  • Do you have space for craft services setup?

    Normally this is done either in one of the parking lots or on a small scale in the Garden. No food or drinks besides water are permitted inside.

  • Is there holding space for extras?

    We have several areas, depending on which room you are filming in, differs which could be used for extras holding.

  • Can we rent the parking without filming at The Ebell?

    We do rent the lots separately; please inquire for pricing.

  • Who provides the necessary Security personnel?

    The Ebell provides parking lot security for the first five hours of production access to ensure a successful and proper load-in. Production is otherwise responsible for their own security.