Wilshire Ebell Theatre

Venue Details


The Wilshire Ebell Theatre is located at the corner of West 8th Street and Lucerne Blvd. with easy access from the 10 and 101 freeways. Our mailing address is:
4401 West 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90005


Production Manager: Matthew Schroeder

Theatre Business Manager: Erika Newman


Business hours: Monday thru Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Please note: business hours are subject to change daily.  Please email or call before arriving.)
Theatre Office: 323-939-0126
Theatre Backstage Office: 323-934-3301

For theatre rental inquiries or to schedule a walkthrough: Inquiry@WilshireEbellTheatre.org

General Information

One of the oldest continually operating live performance venues in Los Angeles, the Wilshire Ebell Theatre has a proud history of welcoming performing artists from around the world for ninety-one uninterrupted years. And counting! A 1,238-seat classic proscenium theatre, ours is strictly a rental facility, hosting performances ranging from classical ballet, full orchestral concerts and foreign-language dramatic plays, to standup comedy, children’s musicals and international pop concerts. The Wilshire Ebell Theatre hosts film premieres, corporate product launch events, lectures on everything from spirituality to politics, and live tapings of popular podcasts, among many other types of events. Please give us a call in the theatre rental office to discuss the possibility of holding your event in this lovely space.

  1. No smoking anywhere in the theatre building.
  2. No food or drink (other than bottled water) is allowed in the house. Food may be eaten in the dressing rooms or in designated areas backstage.
  3. No nailing, bolting or screwing of scenery to the stage floor. No nailing, taping, screwing, pinning or fastening of posters, signs, or scenery to any of the Ebell walls, hallways, or curtains.
  4. Smoke or haze requires the presence of a L.A.F.D. Fire Marshal at the producers expense. Any use of open flames or pyrotechnics is prohibited without prior approval by the Production Manager and the L.A.F.D. The L.A.F.D. determines whether or not the presence of a Fire Marshal and/or a licensed pyrotechnician is needed. This is also at the Producer’s expense.
  5. Fire Codes are strictly adhered to. All “soft goods” must have a certificate of flameproofing.
  6. Audio and Video recording is restricted and subject to an “additional usage” fee. Please check with the Theatre General Manager or the Production Manager if you wish to record your show. Placement of cameras, sound, or lighting equipment is also restricted.
  7. Security for the “house”, backstage or parking lots is the responsibility of the producer. For assistance in locating security services contact the Theatre General Manager.
  8. Strike and Restore of the house is required immediately following the final contracted performance. All equipment and scenery must be out of the theatre by our midnight curfew. Load-outs which might go later are subject to a walk-away at midnight and a minimum 4 hour strike call the next morning. Equipment or scenery left at the theatre is at the producer’s risk and may be subject to storage and or/cartage fees.
  9. Parking is free in the two Ebell parking lots but is shared with the Ebell Club.
  10. Expendables (such as tape, twine, wire, hardware, gel) as well as power cords, power strips, and tools are the responsibility of the producer. Tools loaned out by the Ebell Theatre and not returned are subject to replacement costs.

Finally, please know that information listed here is subject to change at any time.