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Ebell Friends


Mission Statement

Ebell Friends is a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity whose charitable purpose is to provide support for the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the historic Ebell of Los Angeles’ campus, grounds, collections and the Wilshire Ebell Theatre; as well as for the philanthropic work of The Ebell of Los Angeles through its Rest Cottage Association and The Ebell Scholarship Program and programs which educate and serve the community.

Relationship with The Ebell of Los Angeles

The historic Ebell facilities are a treasure to the Los Angeles community, and require substantial commitment and funding to maintain them for present-day use by our members and the greater Los Angeles community.  To that end, Ebell Friends was established as a non-profit public charity organized under the aegis of The Ebell of Los Angeles.  The goal of our all-volunteer organization is to raise funds through tax exempt donations and private foundations to specifically support the cost of the planning, restoration and preserving our historic facilities.

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Tax Exempt Status

Under US Internal Revenue Service code 501-c-3, Ebell Friends is a public tax-exempt charity, and as such all contributions are tax deductible to the extent of Federal and State tax code.

Registered Charity Information

Ebell Friends is listed as a tax exempt charity in good standing on the following registrations for non-profit organizations: Guidestar – AmazonSmile – Benevity


Financial Information



Consolidated Financial Statement


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