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Social Service Department

Social Service Department

The Ebell Social Service Department engages in hands-on projects and volunteer opportunities that benefit the Rest Cottage Charities (grantee organizations) that the Ebell grants funding to each year.

Through the Social Service Department members receive two-fold benefits:

  • They help other women and their children in need
  • They meet, work with and get to know fellow Ebell members

The Social Service Ambassador Program is the Club’s way of maintaining contact with each RCA charity throughout the year. Ebell members may serve as an Ambassador for one of the grantee organizations. Each Ambassador connects with her grantee organization on a regular basis and determines a hands-on volunteer project that Ebell members can engage in. Examples of past hands-on projects include: collecting toiletries for teen mothers, mentoring teenage girls, knitting squares to make into blankets for cancer patients, planting a garden with residents, and contributing food and serving dinner at a residential shelter for women and their children.

If you’d like more information about the Social Service Department or becoming a Social Service Ambassador, please contact the Chair, Arden Teplow via email socialservice@ebellofla.org.

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