• Where will the money go?

    The money raised will go to further The Ebell’s preservation and restoration of the building, including the gardens, Wilshire Ebell Theatre and The Ebell Historic Collections.

  • How much should we give?

    Each and every member of the Ebell is asked to participate by offering a contribution that is meaningful to them. The dollar amount of each gift will vary widely based on the resources, commitments and personal circumstances of each member. Every member is encouraged to view their membership in The Ebell as an important part of their annual   charitable giving and to send a significant contribution that may involve some stretching of the imagination and resources.

  • What if I cannot afford to give?

    Our goal is to have 100% member participation. This goal is based on the belief that every member has an important role to play in contributing to the success of The Ebell. Gifts at every level are welcomed and honored. Every member can participate and each dollar makes a difference.

  • Why is 100% participation important?

    Participation is an opportunity for members to acknowledge their partnership with The Ebell and their shared responsibility for its success. A high level of participation will send a strong and compelling message about our commitment to The Ebell to potential donors from outside of the membership. Grant-funding organization consistently reviews the level of demonstrated community commitment. Evidence of strong commitment by The Ebell community plays an important role in our future fund development.

  • Is the contribution tax-deductible?

    Yes! The Ebell of Los Angeles is a non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.   You will receive written acknowledgment of your gift. Gifts received by December 31, are eligible as a tax deduction for that year.

  • Does The Ebell accept matching gifts and securities?

    Yes! Some companies will match your gift to The Ebell. Please inquire whether this is a possibility at your company. This could double your gift. The company matching your gift will receive a separate acknowledgment letter for their portion of the donation.

    We are also able to accept securities if this better suits your needs. Gifts of appreciated securities provide a tax deduction and are not subject to capital gains tax.

    Contact the Ebell Office for more information on both of these programs.

  • Will my gift be recognized?

    Yes. All participating members will be recognized on the annual Ebell Honor Roll of Donors in the Ebell Magazine. In addition, donors of gifts of $250 and above will be invited to a special cocktail reception in recognition of their outstanding support.

  • If I have additional questions, whom can I contact?

    The Chairman of Development and the President of The Ebell are more than willing to answer any of your questions and to further explain the Annual Giving Campaign. You may contact them by calling 323-931-1277.