A Message of Gratitude

Posted by Stacy Brightman

November 16, 2023

For more than a year, I have been impressed by the thoughtful discussions and vigorous debate among Ebell members dedicated to reviewing and updating The Ebell bylaws, which will be critical to future efforts in driving our mission, engaging more members in leadership, and raising critical funds. Ebell members and leaders have devoted hundreds of hours to this important duty– in the Governance Committee, Board meetings and retreats, as well as the annual and semi-annual business meetings, townhalls and within the “pages” of the e-magazine.  I have profound gratitude and admiration for all the members who took on this long and complicated, but necessary process. I thank you all and commend you for your achievement and for your love and devotion to The Ebell. With such members, The Ebell’s future must be assured!