Catch the Semi-Annual Business Meeting Video

from Lizzie Blatt, Director of Publications

February 7, 2022

If you didn’t manage to catch our Semi-Annual Business Meeting on Monday, January 24, you can watch it now here on video.

If you weren’t there, you missed not only some very inspiring reports from our Board members, but also a fascinating explanation from technology consultant, Alan White, on how every inch of The Ebell is in the process of  being measured, so that we can assess and plan the next stages of our Ebell Preservation Master Plan, in order to maintain our historic and wonderful building.

Alan White is from AQYER, a “technology consulting firm specializing in the non-destructive evaluation and documentation of buildings.”  The technology Alan’s firm uses enables every single inch of The Ebell to be measured, from top to bottom, by robotics, to protect the entire edifice from any risk of damage, resulting in some truly spectacular images, such as these below. For all of us who take pride in our campus, this is well worth watching!

Aerial map of The Ebell

The Theatre

The Ebell doors