Member News

May 1, 2023

Ebell Member Linda Dishman, has announced that she is stepping down from her role as president of the Los Angeles Conservancy after 31 years at the helm.

The Los Angeles Conservancy’s mission is to work through education and advocacy to recognize, preserve, and revitalize the historic architectural and cultural resources of Los Angeles County.

Dishman, who will be leaving the Conservancy in November, said: “It has been a great run, but I feel the time is right to leave, both for me and for the organization.”


Carolyn Ramsay is leaving her post as Executive Director of the Los Angeles Parks Foundation at the end of May, and moving to New York.

Ramsay shepherded the orgnaization through the pandemic when our city parks proved to be essential, almost life-saving spaces for Los Angelenos while schools and offices were closed.

Ramsay also served as president of the Windsor Square Association for three years, during which she helped the neighborhood develop a tree masterplan and a program to install more street trees. She was also part of the neighborhood effort to secure the Windsor Square Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ).

The Ebell wishes them both well as they move into the next, exciting phase of their lives.


Betty Petitt has been acknowledged for her 35 years of volunteer service to the LA Conservancy, with a special award and trophy.  Congratulations, Betty!