Get Involved With The Ebell – Join A Committee

September 9, 2021

The Ebell members are women who think, plan and work together, and we need you! We invite you to join one or more of our committees and become part of the powerhouse group of changemakers who are advancing our arts, education, philanthropy, historic preservation and communication initiatives. Together, we are building a brighter future for community.

Programs & Events Committee
This committee gathers, reviews and executes the ideas for The Ebell programs and events throughout the club year. This season we will be planning a hybrid schedule of Zoom presentations and on-site Club happenings and field trips that will appeal to our diverse interests and allow us to connect with each other. We will address the special challenges of catering to our members’ comfort levels in returning to our building. Program focus will range from from educational to cultural, philanthropic to social, celebrations appropriate for themed months and events for pure entertainment and fellowship.

For information contact Phyllis Hansen.

Archives Committee
The archives hold 127 years of materials from The Club’s inception in 1894 to the present: yearbooks, monthly magazines, board and operating company minutes, event and meeting programs and flyers, membership and scholarship records, photographs, among many other documents. The Archives Committee catalogs, organizes and preserves these important historic documents. Volunteers are welcome.

For information contact Kay Lachter.

 Art Collection Committee
From its earliest years, The Ebell has always supported the Arts. Its historic Art Salon (originally named the Tea Room) continues to host quarterly art exhibits featuring local renowned artists; included in the quarterly rotation is The Ebell members art exhibit and a Black History Month exhibit. The Art Collection Committee oversees these exhibits, artist receptions and maintenance of our Ebell Club Art collection. The Ebell’s varied artwork is on display throughout the campus.

For information contact Donna Russell

Shortly before the United States entered World War I, The Ebell Chorale was founded and has been making music for over 90 years. It is led by a professional conductor and features a wide range of choral music. Chorale members are expected to be able to match pitch and reading music is a definite plus. All members are expected to bring a 3-ring binder, however all the music is provided. Non-members are also welcome to join.

For information contact Jane Martin.

 Costume Collection Committee
The Ebell Costume Collection contains over 800 items of clothing, hats, shoes and accessories dating from the 1870s to the present which have been donated by Ebell members and members of the community. Selections from the Collection are exhibited at The Ebell on a periodic basis and The Ebell also hosts vintage fashion shows featuring the Collection. The Costume Committee’s mission is to catalogue, preserve and exhibit this unique collection.

For information contact Karlene Taylor and Jacqueline Corkill.

 Development Committee
The Development Committee supports the conservation of The Ebell of Los Angeles and its historic collections. At this time, the committee is focused on raising money for a Building Endowment as well a Master Plan which will be a blueprint for all the work that needs to be done on The Ebell campus.

For information contact Lorraine Spector.

Historic Collections Committee
The Ebell of Los Angeles has an extensive collection of furnishings, a fine collection of artwork, carpets, porcelain vases and bowls, marble statues, silver tea sets, clocks, theatrical costumes, vintage clothing and accessories, books, pianos, and music. This committee is responsible for documenting, restoring, arranging for proper storage and exhibiting from this important collection.

For information contact Denise Parga.

House, Theatre & Grounds Committee
The House, Theatre & Grounds Committee oversees the preservation, restoration and safety compliance of the building and grounds. Our work this year revolves around the creation of a Master Plan which will identify project priorities and give us updates on the condition of the building.

For information contact Christy McAvoy.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee works to create opportunities for membership involvement, paths to leadership, and is responsible for growing membership. The committee works together to create events aimed to grow community engagement and connection within The Club.

For information contact Aretha Green.

Publications Committee
The Publications Committee is responsible for publishing the monthly E-Magazine and also works closely with the PR/Marketing Committee to help promote the wonderful work of The Club. It is also involved with all internal publications to membership.

For information contact Lizzie Blatt.

Public Relations & Marketing Committee
Social media and email are some of the ways the Public Relations & Marketing Committee promotes programs at The Ebell. In addition to programming, the committee works with many different parts of The Ebell — membership, philanthropy, fundraising and special events — to find unique and compelling opportunities to tell the world about us. This committee also works with local news and media as well as partner organizations who share similar missions, visions and values.

For information contact Liza Ameen.

Rest Cottage Association Committee
The Ebell Rest Cottage Association (RCA) started in 1918 as an actual cottage for women to convalesce and over time has evolved into a grant making endowment. The RCA Committee has a dual purpose: to oversee the management of its endowment, and to perform the due diligence involved in making grants to charities that help women and their children in Los Angeles County.

For information contact Stephanie Kaiser.

Scholarship Committee
Since 1919, The Ebell has supported the educational aspirations of Los Angeles County college students. Through decades of wise stewardship, the endowment now funds 60 to 70 scholars per year. In addition to overseeing the endowment, members promote the scholarship, review the pool of applicants, interview the most qualified, and award the scholarships. Twice a year, members enjoy engaging with the scholars at The Club to share in their academic journeys and successes.

For information contact Anne Lynch.

Social Service Committee
The Ebell Social Service Department engages in hands-on projects and volunteer opportunities that benefit the Rest Cottage Charities (grantee organizations) that The Ebell grants funding to each year. The Social Service Ambassador Program is our way to build relationships with each RCA charity throughout the year. Ebell members may serve as an Ambassador for one of the grantee organizations.

For information contact Arden Teplow.

Wine & Dine Committee
The Wine and Dine Committee plans culinary related events, particularly wine pairing dinners, tastings, workshops with Ebell Executive Chef Tommy Bellissimo, as well as BBQs and other delicious experiences. The events showcase the beautiful dining facilities at The Ebell and spotlight the considerable talents of our Chef.

For information contact Phyllis Hansen.