Executive Director’s Message

from Stacy Brightman, Executive Director of The Ebell

December 2, 2021

Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When I first visited The Ebell years ago, I may have been in a particularly romantic frame of mind because my immediate thought was “my goodness, these spaces SING!” Walking through our campus one cannot help but be captivated by the mighty chorale of its architecture. It is complex and layered with personality and variations, and yet somehow still unified and majestic. The song emanates from the walls and floors, expressing all the aspirations and stories, work and play, laughter and arguments of nearly 100 years and thousands of women.

But no one should mistake our Ebell home or song for a relic. That would dishonor those women who built it, loved it and passed it on to us. We must make sure our home continues to be FILLED with art, education, service and philanthropy.  For this, I am honored and grateful to be assisting the Ebell Friends, the House, Theatre and Grounds Committee, and the entire Board of Directors in raising the funds to commission our Preservation Master Plan.  I hope all our members will not only contribute what they can, but will be excited to reach out beyond our immediate Ebell family and invite others to join in advancing our song.  After all, some of our best verses have yet to be written.