Looking for Members to Join The Ebell Board of Directors

from Janna Bodek Harris, Nominating Committee Chair

October 11, 2021

Dear Ebell Members:

With October comes the time for us to think about nominating new members of the Ebell Board of Directors. Each year we rotate half our board off and vote for new Board members who will bring fresh ideas and renewed spirit to our community. This is a particularly exciting time for the Ebell because for the first time in Ebell history, we have an Executive Director and her name is Stacy Brightman.

Please consider taking your seat at the table this year by nominating yourself to the Ebell Board or recommending someone you know who has skills, ideas and enthusiasm. As a board member, you will make new friends, learn about and manage the Ebell with a group of interesting and stimulating women, and work in partnership with Stacy to lead our club into a new and sensational future.

The following board positions will become open as of July 1, 2022:
President; Vice President; Treasurer; Director of Programs;
Director of Membership; Director of Governance; and Director of Development

Each board member term is for two years*. To qualify for nomination, the candidate will need to have been an Ebell member in good standing for two years as of June 30, 2022**.

The process for candidates: Read over the Job Descriptions and Expectations and Ideal Qualities of Ebell Board Members; Fill out and submit an Application Form; and have one ZOOM meeting with two or three members of the Nominating Committee to discuss why you want to serve and your qualifications.
To learn more about each specific Board Member Position, click here.
To learn about Expectations and Ideal Qualities/Skills of Effective Ebell Board Members, click here.

To Nominate yourself and apply for the job, fill out this online form by November 1.
To Nominate someone else, fill out this online form by November 1.
Apply for a board member position or nominate someone else so we can build the strongest Ebell Board possible!

Thank you from your Nominating Committee:
Ginger Barnard, Nancy Castillo, Janna Bodek Harris, Deniz Olgac, Wilma Pinder, Helene Seifer, Julie Stromberg and Fazie Yakub


For questions, email or call Janna Bodek Harris, Nominating Committee Chair at jannabodekharris@icloud.com or 213-309-7408 or any one of the other committee members.

* At the end of the first two-year term, a board member may be elected to serve a second two-year term in the same position. (Presidents are not allowed to serve two consecutive terms.) 

** Candidates for President will need to have served on the board for at least two years within the last six years and candid