Chloe Ginsburg Embroidery Video – Watch It Here!

August 2, 2023

Member Chloé Ginsburg, one of the featured artists in the Members Art Show, which opened in the Art Salon Wednesday May 31, took a video of her progress as she embroidered “Love Letter to Alfonso”, a work inspired by a sculpture in the Ebell Historic Collections – Young Woman Reading on a Chair,  by Giuseppe Gambogi, currently exhibited in the History Room.

The work is made with embroidery silk and metallic thread on linen.  Chloé used blackwork embroidery techniques, which were popularized in Tudor England. Blackwork is thought to have been brought to England from Spain by Queen Catherine of Aragon and reflects Moorish influences.

The original piece by Giuseppe Gambogi, and Chloé’s finished embroidered work

Watch Chloé’s video here: