Member Regina Lark Publishes New Home Organization Book

from Lizzie Blatt, Director of Publications

October 11, 2021

Member Regina Lark, who has spoken at the Ebell about home organization has written a new book : Emotional Labor: Why A Woman’s Work is Never Done and What to Do About It.

Regina Lark is an outstanding organizer/feminist who has helped revolutionize the world of women with chronic and severe organizational challenges, and now expands our perspective to help us see beyond women with executive function difficulties. She shines a light on how most women carry an enormous burden as a result of the mental gymnastics involved in tracking the needs of each family member in order to prevent both minor inconveniences and larger disasters.

This precision navigation by women often occurs below the radar, their automatic seamless coordination of their family’s lives going largely unnoticed by others. The price paid by women for this mental and emotional labor seeps into the pores of their everyday lives and saps their emotional reserves, often leaving little time for their own self-care.

Emotional Labor, $21.95, can be purchased here.

Dr Regina Lark