Development Update

from Fran Varga, Director of Development

February 8, 2023

As we wrap up 2022 and roll into 2023, we are half-way through our Ebell Fiscal Year – so it’s a good time to take stock of how we’re progressing with our Annual Ebell Stewardship fundraising efforts. Since the start of our campaign in early October, we have raised over $51,000 in donations from over 90 individual Ebell members.

Rigging for the Theatre is the current focus of our fundraising. The Ebell Theatre brings in vital income for us.

This drive is important to help fund much-needed repairs to our beloved Wilshire Ebell Theatre. We have a number of major projects in the pipeline for theatre rigging replacement and electrical system upgrades. These renovations are not obvious to the typical theatre visitor, but are crucial for safety and functionality, and to maintain occupancy permits of our working historic theatre, which is a source of revenue for our organization.

For the entire calendar year of 2022, over 200 Ebell members have donated to multiple Ebell initiatives, including the Stewardship Drive, RCA, Scholarship, Collections, Programs, and the Building Endowment Fund. We have made tremendous progress, but we need to continue through the next six months to increase our number of Ebell member donors, and reach our goal of 100% membership contributors.

Over the next 10 years, we will need to raise over $20 million for seismic code compliance and facility renovations. Our Development Plan is for a majority of that funding to come from multiple external sources such as grants, private foundations, and government assistance. But to be a qualified and attractive grant candidate, The Ebell needs to demonstrate that we have the ability to successfully execute the complex and detailed facility renovations, and that our organization is fully committed to participate in raising the funds. Our investment in the Preservation Master Plan is key to demonstrating our ability to successfully complete our preservation goals, and increasing membership participation in fundraising is our next key milestone to achieve. No matter the size of our individual contributions, the number of members who donate is our highest goal for our fundraising drive.

We are so grateful and wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the many Ebell members who have already answered the call, and have made generous contributions to the Stewardship Drive. Listed here is our Honor Roll for the campaign at its half-way point.

If you have not already donated, please take the time to make a contribution of any magnitude that fits your budget and comfort. And once you make your donation, please ask your Ebell friends to do the same. A nice way to honor a friend or loved one is to make a tribute donation in their name – you will both be included in our Honor Roll, unless you prefer to donate anonymously. Thank you for your generosity to The Ebell of Los Angeles.