Blankets Galore! Your Help Needed!

from Cynthia Comsky

October 11, 2021

It was an inspired idea.  In World War II, Ebell ladies answered the call by knitting socks for the troops.  In 2012, we were looking for ways to bring our membership together and be useful at the same time.  We came up with the idea of The Knitting Circle, and we would knit blankets for women cancer patients to keep warm while they were receiving treatments.  We asked for yarn donations, we asked for idle hands that can knit and/or crochet or for those who wanted to learn either.  Now, nine years on and over 240 blankets later, here we are!

Some weeks ago, the boxes of yarn that have been in the knitting closet were given away so that other women will continue the spirit and knit for those in need.  Nothing has gone to waste.  Presently, there is a b9x of knitted squares in the knitting closet waiting to be assembled into blankets.  We make the blankets using 24 squares each – four across and six down.  If you would like to help us complete the task by making up a blanket, please call or email Meredyth at .  These squares have been made with love – let’s pass the love on…

The need is greater than ever.  Perhaps somebody might want to turn the page to the next chapter.