Legacy Tea

from Laura Louden, Director of Publications

August 2, 2023

Legacy Tea

On June 22, we gathered to celebrate the lives of our members whom we lost over the last couple years. It was moving and fascinating to hear about the creativity, heart, achievements and drive of these women. Yvonne Auerbach, Ginger Barnard, Ann Bloxsom, Suzanne Chase, Connie Crocker, Portia Lee, Fluff McLean and Chrys Tobias were remembered.

Below is an extended excerpt from Fluff McLean’s acceptance speech when she became our 56th president:

“As we set our goals for the future, I ask that we do it in a spirit of trust, as we have no one to depend on but each other. While we unleash the creativity that will make Ebell soar to greatness, we need to harness negativity that will only serve to prevent progress. Be positive. The Ebell deserves the best we can all give her.

We have all worked very hard over the past few years, and we need to take time out to have some fun, fun with humor. My motto has always been, ‘If it isn’t fun we aren’t going to do it.’ Realistically there will be times when a job just needs to get done. It is then we will all hunker down together with humor and get it done.

The Ebell was born to dream and thrive. She is still growing and will always be in the process of change, which is a true sign of life. She is a timeless place and with our visions, she will remain an inspiration for future generations so they too may dream.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, ‘Dreams are the touchstone of our character,’ and he also wrote, ‘In the long run, men hit only what they aim at!’

So as we all participate in the Ebell’s future, I ask you all to have sweet dreams, aim straight and high, work hard together and take time for humor and play.

And then, and only then, you will see what a difference we all can make.”

What a rich and moving afternoon! What wonderful surprises can we learn about each other?

Photos by Aya Mac Photography