Ebell Presidents Gather for Historic Photo Shoot

from Kay Balue

August 1, 2021

What happens when seven Ebell Presidents gather, especially after over a year of isolation?  Well, they are sure to have a riotously good time!

The photo was taken for free as a thank you to The Ebell for contributing to an upcoming book on Women’s Clubs of America – more of which later in the year.

The Presidents who gathered for the half- hour photo shoot  were: Kay Balue (2002), Fluff McLean (2004), Kay Lachter (2006), Kelley Nelson (2008), Loyce Braun (2016), Jane Martin (Acting: 2017), and President Patty Lombard (2020).  We stayed for three hours with non-stop reminiscing.  We caught up with each other and then started in on our terms as President:  our challenges, stressors, solutions and results.  The state of The Ebell was different for each of us and many now-funny stories were discussed.  Ebell went through financial woes, staffing issues, membership situations, property repairs, and Board concerns but we found solutions and the current Board continues to do so – ever changing and expanding with new ideas and answers.  The Ebell could not have existed for 127 years without the ability to evolve with the times.

As to our hysterically funny stories, you had to be there!

Ivada Parker (1978 and 1992), Betty Jean Shea (1994), Shirlee Taylor Haizlip (2000 and 2010),  Patty Hill (2012), and Ginger Barnard (2018-2020) were unable to attend and were much missed.

Presidents past and present in the Art Salon: Kay Balue, Loyce Braun, Jane Martin, Fluff McLean, Kay Lachter, Kelley Nelson, and current President Patricia Lombard