Bride Donates Wedding Deposit to The Ebell

from Lizzie Blatt, Director of Publications

March 1, 2021

Cynthia and Kent Wakeford

Cynthia Popper and Kent Wakeford had booked The Ebell for their wedding in October 2020, and then postponed it to a date in June 2021.  “I love what it stands for,” explained Cynthia as to why the couple chose The Ebell. “The history is so rich.  We need places like The Ebell for women to continue to move forward and for that reason it’s important to support it.  Besides, it’s so beautiful.”

Cynthia and Kent eventually came to the conclusion to cancel their wedding.  “We realized we couldn’t hold a 200-person event and ensure the health and safety of our guests.”  They were entitled to a refund of their deposit but the couple chose to donate half of it to The Ebell instead.  “We talked a lot about the wedding,” says Cynthia, “and we’d already been married for a few months by that time – we had a beautiful, small ceremony.  It was very emotional for us, so it made sense to do something good out of a challenging situation.  To have some good come out of it, to support something that does so much for Los Angeles, meant a lot to us.”

Cynthia (now Wakeford) becomes a fully-fledged member this summer.  “I can’t wait,” she says.   Neither can we.