Ebell Scholars Say “Thanks”

from Anne Lynch, Director of Scholarship

August 1, 2021

Anne Lynch, Director of Scholarship

The Scholarship Committee is in the final phase of the selection of the Fall 2021 class of incoming scholars. Seventy-two students submitted applications and the Compliance Committee verified 52 applicants fulfilled all of the minimum requirements, with two later withdrawing to attend universities outside LA County. In May, committee members read and scored the written applications. Between June 1 -14, the 50 applicants were interviewed and evaluated by pairs of interviewers. Each candidate was scored based on academics (i.e. cumulative GPA), character, and financial need. The scores were tallied, and committee members met on June 28 to make the selections.

Based on the endowment income, 25 students were awarded scholarships: three are continuing at two-year colleges at $3,000 per year and 22 are attending four-year colleges/universities at $5,000 per year (seven private schools; 15 public). UCLA is particularly well-represented among the incoming class. All the applicants have now received notifications (my thanks to Judith Day, our previous Director of Scholarship for handling the regrets!).

Here are some of the thank-yous from selected scholars.

Aviv Assayag:
I am so humbled and grateful to have been chosen for this amazing opportunity. It really means more than you could ever picture. I am thrilled to be an Ebell Scholar, and I can’t wait to attend the celebration ceremony as soon as the center determines it appropriate to do so.



Scholar Thank you letterKristen Palacios:
From the bottom of my heart I wanted to say thank you so very much. This scholarship means the world to me and I will continue to work hard and demonstrate academic excellence. I am so proud to be part of the family. Thank you again. I’m speechless (in a good way).



scholar thank you letteAlexis Mendez:
Thank you for choosing me to receive the Ebell Scholarship. Being able to attend LMU has been a great blessing as it is an amazing school for me to study engineering and become the woman I hope to be. Thanks to your unwavering support, this scholarship will help me achieve my goals at LMU and be a strong role model for my brothers and the children that look up to me. I am so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to being a part of the Ebell family.


Raychal Henman:
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Wow, this is so exciting!!! I will read the attached document and get you all the necessary documents as soon as I can 🙂 thank you again!!




Jenna Culotta: I am so excited and honored to receive this news. I appreciate this beyond what words can say. This will help me be able to continue my education at UCLA. Greatly appreciated,




Sydney Hooks:
Thank you so much for awarding me the 2021 Ebell/Flint Scholarship. My family and I are truly grateful for your generosity.




Ashley Biancas:
Thank you so much! I really appreciate this new opportunity and can’t wait to meet the other Ebell scholars!




Zixin Zheng:
It is an honor to be chosen for the Ebell/Flint Scholarship and become part of the Ebell family. I am writing to thank all the Ebell members and staff for awarding me this scholarship. I am really appreciative of the support I received from the Ebell/Flint Scholarship Program. I am going into my sophomore year at Mt. San Antonio College this fall and preparing to transfer to a four-year university majoring in Psychology. Having this scholarship will help lessen my financial burden and allow me to focus more on my studies, so I can be one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming a Physician Assistant (PA).

Vanthy Im: Thank you so much for granting me the opportunity to become an Ebell Scholar! I am overjoyed—and now motivated more than ever to complete my undergrad degree.