Look What SHE Did Virtual Salon on Female Athletes

March 15, 2022

Look What SHE Did! Women’s History Month Closing Event:

FREE Virtual Salon on Female Athletes with Films + Conversation March 27 , 11.00 am PDT

Look What SHE Did!, the non-profit that makes under 4-minute films featuring women telling the stories of other women who inspire them, will close Women’s History Month on Sunday, March 27 at 11a.m. PDT with a free virtual salon event featuring films and conversation about sports, gender and disability. The Salon will feature four astonishing female athletes: Panamanian Olympic fencer Barbra Higgins; Grand Slam Champion tennis player, Rosie Casals; elite wheelchair racer and Paralympic ambassador Anjali Forber-Pratt; and four-time Paralympic US Champion Katy Sullivan, who was among the first bilateral above the knee amputees to compete in the Paralympics in ambulatory track. 

The free virtual program will feature two Look What She Did! films. Discussion with the panelists will follow each film screening and viewers may participate in the conversation by writing questions in the chat. One of the films that will be screened, was just recently completed and features Olympic fencer Barbra Higgins telling the story of 12-time Grand Slam Champion tennis player, Rosie Casals.

Barbara Higgins, Olympic fencer

According to Higgins, “As a young girl in Panama, I was inspired by watching Rosie, another Latina, playing doubles. I was taken by her strength and athletic style as well as her scrappiness both on and off the court. Rosie was part of a group of women that stood up to the Tennis Establishment. This group broke away and started their own women’s tournament, which eventually led to the Virginia Slims Tournament and forced more equitable pay for women. Rosie was part of a movement that changed Women’s tennis and inspired me to be an elite athlete!”

Although there is no charge to viewers for the March 27 virtual program, Look What SHE Did! continues its fundraising drive throughout the month of March. They are seeking $100 sponsors to underwrite the closing event.  Reservations for the event are encouraged. For further information about sponsoring or viewing the event, go to www.lookwhatshedid.com or contact info@lookwhatshedid.com.