Executive Director’s Message

August 15, 2022

Warmest summer greetings,

First and always, I want to thank each and every one of our wonderful members who renewed their membership this past month! Your membership, engagement, volunteerism, leadership, attendance and participation are the vibrant beating heart of The Ebell of LA.

Almost every week I have someone ask me, what does it mean to be a member of The Ebell, and are you a country club?” In response, I have started to describe our membership as a “community with purpose.”

According to the early results of the membership survey that was just sent, members have initially joined for different reasons. A large number joined us because they are drawn to the mission and purpose of The Ebell. They want to help uplift other women and themselves through service, philanthropy, arts and education. Another large percentage of early respondents say they are drawn by the programming of speakers and performances. Then of course, a significant number of members replied that they were eager to meet new friends and enlarge their social ties, while a smaller, but still significant number joined for the love of historic places.

Seeing all these different reasons for joining The Ebell of LA, it occurs to me that in many ways we are akin to a church or temple congregation. Our membership is the animating force of The Ebell’s mission and the stewards of our campus. We are all trying to make the lives of women and all Angelenos better through our service, and in the process of making something together, we become a community. “I will find a way, or make one” indeed!

Not surprisingly, we are a community that does not always agree on the best ways to proceed (as if there ever was such a thing!). But as long as we are steadfast in the purpose — that we are ALL fighting for and serving the mission of The Ebell — then our occasional disagreements and challenges for clarity of purpose become sources of creativity and innovation. And in these pandemic times we need, more than ever, to be creative and innovative.

So again, I thank you all for your membership and for your passionate belief in The Ebell’s mission, which comes with your ideas, wisdom, work, attendance, participation, humor, encouragement, resilience, tenacity, generosity, determination, and friendship. All The Ebell staff and I are honored and grateful to be a part of this community with purpose.