From the Collections: Seated Woman Reading

From Suzanne Wilton, Director of Historic Collections

December 1, 2020

This beautiful little sculpture, aptly called “Seated Woman Reading”, is one of the many sculptures in the Ebell’s wonderful Statue Collection. She currently resides in the President’s Office where we can keep an eye on her. She is alabaster and is 20” tall. She was sculpted in the 19th or 20th century and the artist is unknown at this time.  She was carefully cleaned by the RLA Conservation Company in September of 2019, under the supervision of Dennee Marson and the Collections Committee. She was cleaned with a solution of mineral spirits and Vulpex spirit soap, a conservation-grade detergent.  Many other statues in the collection were also cleaned. Over the past few years the Collections Committee has been working to clean and conserve all of the many wonderful pieces in the Historic Ebell Collection.  She is a wonderful example from our fine collection.