East Parking Lot Becomes Drive-In Movie Theater – Makes Channel 7 News

from Lizzie Blatt, Director of Publications

March 1, 2021

The East Parking Lot transformed into nighttime drive-in theater.

The East Parking Lot transformed into nighttime drive-in theater.


Awards season is here, but with theaters closed and award-eligible movies being viewed at home on the small screen, how do independent film makers get people to see their movies the way their creators intended them to be seen?  Open up your own drive-in, of course!

Phyllis Stuart created and directed the award-eligible movie Wild Daze, a film about wildlife in Africa,  but couldn’t get it screened because of the Pandemic. “I couldn’t afford the For-Your-Consideration ads [seen on billboards citywide at this time of year], and I’d spent six years hoping to save African wildlife,” says Stuart, and so she was inspired to create the “For Your Consideration Drive-In”.

Wild Daze had its première on 30 January at the Ebell East Parking Lot.  Three hundred cars and their occupants attended and watched the big screen while listening to the soundtrack on their radios.  Ebell members were invited for free.  The event was featured by ABC Channel 7 news.  You can watch it here.

Keep a lookout for Dennee Frey, playing a starring role, and Janis Barquist enjoying the show while chowing down on some tasty-looking popcorn!