Social Service For Those Who Served

from Elizabeth Yeo, Social Service Ambassador

March 31, 2021

New Directions for Veterans logoIt is my honor to share with you one of Ebell’s newer grantees, New Directions for Veterans (NDVets). Since 1992, NDVets has provided comprehensive services to thousands of veterans in Los Angeles County. This wonderful organization was founded by two formerly homeless Vietnam veterans and a local advocate for homeless persons. The organization initially operated out of a five-bedroom home serving eight homeless Vietnam War veterans. They now operate two Transitional Housing Programs for veterans on-the-street and six Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) facilities throughout Los Angeles County.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles has the largest population of homeless military veterans in the nation. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) estimates that more than 4,000 homeless veterans live on our streets and, post COVID-19, thousands more have been added to that number. Many of the men and women veterans suffer from Co-Occurring Disorders, including substance abuse, mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as chronic medical problems. Once they have spent any significant time on the streets, the road to recovery is a much longer and harder one.

NDVets’ mission is to empower men and women who served in the military and their families, to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Their vision is to build a national community in which all at-risk veterans and their families lead lives of honor, dignity and respect.

NDVets offers a wide array of services including substance abuse treatment, counseling, remedial education, job training and placement, as well as parenting and money management classes. Legal and tax assistance are available, as is an active aftercare program and resources for alumni. Through their programming, veterans leave NDVets with a savings account, housing, a job or other income, computer skills, renewed self-confidence and the support of mentors and peers. Such a transformation takes hard work, motivation and accountability, but the results are life altering—and, for many veterans, lifesaving.

There are many ways members can get involved:

NDVets Annual Gala Dinner
For this event, they need focused and friendly volunteers to help with event registration and ushering.

Day of Service
Arrange a day when caring employees from your company or organization can come out to one of their many NDVets facilities and complete a volunteer project that includes jobs such as gardening, painting, cleaning, and assembling care packages.

Host a Fundraiser or Collection Drive
Add an opportunity for giving to your next company party or event by collecting donations for NDVets! Most donations are tax-deductible.

Lunches for our Welcome Center
The Welcome Center is often the first stop for many of our veterans seeking help, and meals are much needed and appreciated! If your organization is interested in scheduling a day to donate bagged lunches for our veterans, please contact our Development Department at

Shop at will donate to NDVets every time you use the link here to make your Amazon purchases. It doesn’t cost you any more than the purchase you’re already making! We need all the help we can get to ensure every veteran has a place to call home, so please log into Amazon using this portal to make your next purchase and support NDVets.

Attend an NDVets event
When you support a New Directions for Veterans event, you directly support their mission and the veterans they serve.

Being a veteran myself, I am grateful to The Ebell for being so supportive of an organization that provides services to those who served.

Elizabeth Yeo, Ambassador
New Directions for Veterans