Ebell Partners with Mindful Veteran Project for Holiday Gift Distribution

from Patricia Lombard, 64th President of The Ebell of Los Angeles

January 12, 2022

The west parking lot at the Ebell was busy Saturday, December 18, with volunteer elves passing out Christmas cheer to veterans and their families. The collaboration with The Ebell allows the Mindful Veteran Project to help families who would normally attend their Christmas event, which, like so many others, has been cancelled for the last two years because of the pandemic.

Mindful Veteran Project founder Gail Soffer was determined to find a way to safely distribute food, toiletries, blankets and gifts to the families of people who have served our country this Christmas. “We are talking about wellness and supporting people who have given so much for this country. I didn’t want to create a super spreader event!” said Soffer.

The Mindful Veteran Project mission is to guide veterans in using simple, practical, secular tools of mindfulness, empowering them to cultivate their inner strengths, support their own well-being, participate in their own healing process, explore new possibilities, and enjoy the highest possible quality of life. The organization does this through a wide range of programs for veterans, their spouses and their families. “We have featured Gail and several of her veterans at a education program for Ebell members and guests recently, and were delighted to offer our parking lot to Gail and her volunteers,” said Stacy Brightman, Ebell Executive Director who, along with Ebell Membership Director Meredyth Deighton, passed out books to families.

More than 170 people were expected to arrive in 60 cars for the event.


Gail Soffer, founder of Mindful Veteran Project and chief elf. Soffer is showcasing some colorful headbands made by a disabled veteran.

Volunteers just before the veterans and their families started to arrive

Stacy Brightman (left) and Meredyth Deighton selected books for families