RCA Grantee Jenesse Center, Inc.

from Paulinda Schimmel, Social Service Ambassador to Jenesse Center

October 11, 2021

Jenesse Center, Inc. is a domestic violence intervention and prevention non-profit organization founded in 1980 by five African American survivors of Domestic Violence (DV). This organization works locally, nationally and globally to shine a light on violence against women, girls, men and boys and advocates the basic human right for all people to have peace in their homes and relationships. Jenesse’s culturally sensitive programs and services not only transition families from crisis to self-sufficiency, but transform the lives of clients and the community at large by offering education, referrals and resources that go beyond shelter. Jenesse’s mission is to restore families impacted by domestic and sexual violence through holistic, trauma informed, culturally responsive services, and advance prevention initiatives that foster and sustain healthy, violence free communities.

Jenesse addresses the multi-faceted barriers to safety and self-sufficiency that are experienced by low-income victims of domestic violence in South Los Angeles. Jenesse provides housing, direct services, and outreach and prevention strategies for individuals and families experiencing domestic violence and its multicultural staff and volunteers provide a continuum of services 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Jenesse’s case management links each client with the full continuum of services, which include emergency shelter, two transitional housing facilities, the education center (vocational and health education, and life skills training), behavioral health services (individual, family, and group counseling), and in-house legal services – a rarity among DV service providers. The Rest Cottage Association grant helps women to receive these life-saving services and educates survivors in learning what healthy relationships look like to break the cycle of violence.

Jenesse strives to make its program accessible to a wide range of domestic violence survivors. The realization that each survivor has value and deserves safety from abuse is the backbone of the movement. Jenesse is excited to purchase a property that will allow it to establish the Jenesse Center Family Institute in an unserved/underserved section of South Los Angeles that is currently experiencing elevated levels of domestic violence, homelessness, and a critical lack of resources. The extra space will allow them to expand the services they provide to survivors of DV and develop new programs in the community, resulting in building stronger families and stronger communities.

Facilities for client families at Jenesse Center


Client Success Story:
In September 2020, my five-year-old and I were living off my savings in a hotel. I was recently unemployed due to urgently having to move away from my abuser. Desperate to find shelter, I prayed for a miracle as we were only paid up for two more nights at the hotel. That prayer was answered when a special friend gave me information on Jenesse Center. My worries melted away as I went through my telephone intake. Being six months into the pandemic and being homeless was not only scary but also stressful. Jenesse Center gave us a comfortable and safe place to stay, as well as needed resources. I was instantly provided with legal services and weekly counseling. Being in such a vulnerable state, it was a blessing to have our Case Manager. She was always positive and very supportive. Our time at the emergency shelter was coming to an end in December 2020, and we had yet to find an apartment in time. Luckily, our case manager helped in our moving to a transitional housing facility.

I would like to thank Jenesse Center for all they do and all they have done for us. I am now able to focus on saving money, parenting, and my aspirations, etc. I am eternally grateful.