Welcome to Our New Staff Members!

from Rony Rosenbaum, Director of Human Resources

April 8, 2022

Please welcome our newest staff members!

Lorraine Bautista, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

First, we have Administrative Assistant/Receptionist Lorraine Bautista.

“Besides being a gatekeeper for all deliveries and packages (yay!) my daily assignments include answering phone calls, greeting and welcoming guests, handling incoming mail, and ensuring the lobby is well-maintained – to name a few,” says Lorraine.

“It’s been a pleasure to be part of The Ebell of Los Angeles so far, and I look forward to growing with and learning more about The Ebell.”

And there’s more…

This week we have the pleasure of introducing the newest members of our Special Events team.


Senior Events Coordinator Yulita Zavada (foreground) with Katie Mastores (background)

Yulita Zavada rejoined us in March to help fill in while we looked for someone to fill Kevin Mayer‘s shoes. Yulita has been a pinch-hitter for The Ebell previously, having worked with us at various times before and during the pandemic, the last time just before Katie Mastores started. This time, the stars have aligned: Yulita has been such a successful temporary addition to the team that we asked her and she’s agreed to stay on as a regular part-time member of the Special Events staff, as a Senior Events Coordinator. Yulita is a dynamic and experienced addition to an increasingly busy Special Events department.


Special Events Coordinator Gabby Costin

We’ve also been fortunate to hire Gabriella Costin (who goes by “Gabby“), referred by a former Special Events Coordinator. Gabby has been working in special events since 2019, holding event planning positions throughout college. She graduated in 2020, and came home during the depth of the pandemic. She worked at The Bel Air Bay Club and temporarily for our former employee, Krissy Allegra, who referred her to us. Gabby made a terrific impression on the team right away, and we are so happy to have her take on the position of Special Events Coordinator.

Congratulations to the whole team!