Ebell Election Results

August 2, 2023

Ebell of LA front entrance

Congratulations to Our Newly-Elected Board Members 2023-2025

Secretary Catherine Collins
Director of Finance Lee Braly
Director of Historic Collections Denise Parga
Director of House and Grounds Christy McAvoy
Director of Publications Laura Louden
Director of Public Relations Clare Sebenius
Director of Rest Cottage Association Julie Barkan
Director of Scholarship Anne Lynch

Current Board Members Continuing to Serve 2022-2024

President Laurie Schechter
Vice President Randi Jones
Treasurer Donna Russell
Director of Development Fran Varga
Director of Governance Janis Barquist
Director of Membership LaToya Hearns
Director of Programs Phyllis Hansen

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Retiring Board Members

Director of Publications Lizzie Blatt
Director of Finance Madelyn Murray

Elected Nominating Committee Members

Kay Balue, Marnie Bodek, Judith Day*, Madelyn Murray*, Christine Tran
*Previous Board Members

Continuing Nominating Committee Members

Patty Lombard*, Jane Gilman, Vivian Arterbery, Amy Green
*Previous Board Members

and Our Inspectors of Election 

Janice Berger-Landau, Janna Bodek Harris, Karlene Taylor

Newly sworn in Board members: L to R: Laura Louden, Anne Lynch, Julie Barkan, Catherine Collins, Denise Parga, Lee Braly, Clare Sebenius.