Yoga with Miranda Ratner

from Patricia Lombard, 64th President of The Ebell of Los Angeles

January 5, 2021

Last March, Ebell member Laurie Schechter hosted a yoga class with yoga instructor Miranda Ratner and daughter of Ebell member Alecka Corwin. The class proved to be a wonderful respite during the pandemic and for many of us, this writer included, the first time we participating in a yoga class. Ratner is a wonderful instructor and the online format is really nice and convenient — there’s need to leave your home!

As we embark on the new year, we thought it timely to remind members of Miranda’s class as a healthy way to start the new year. Read on for more about her class in her own words. And please do consider joining our Tuesday or Thursday one-hour sessions at 10 a.m.

For the last 9 months, much like many other Yoga Instructors like myself in the face of this pandemic, I’ve been building my own online Yoga Studio over Zoom. It’s been such an abundant experience growing these incredible classes along with my online Yoga community. Not only have I been able to support myself through generous class donations, but teaching these classes from my own home and practicing WITH my students while I teach, instead of walking around a room, has given me the space to dramatically deepen my understanding of the body and its energy. This feeling of growth and learning is what I’m so in love with about Yoga and about teaching: it’s an endless well of discoveries and explorations. Another significant perk to teaching online is getting to teach my family and friends, and also make new connections through a growing student base. My classes are accessible to all bodies at all ages and, whether you’re new to Yoga or well seasoned, I hope to inspire an endless cycle of falling back in love with the practice every time we step onto our mats. I fall in love with Yoga over and over again every day, and I hope to share my passion and my understanding of the value of the practice with others.

My mission is to help others deepen their connection between their mind and body, improving health and overall happiness. I truly believe, just like Paramahansa Yogananda did when bringing Yoga to the West, that Yoga study and practice enhances the quality of life personally, communally, and globally. Let’s all get on the bandwagon! And if you don’t want to call it Yoga, call it Self-Realization/Mindfulness/Loving Awareness… anything! It’s so much more vast than just Sanskrit words and twisting our bodies on a rubber mat.

I teach two classes every day, Yoga Stretch and Restorative Yoga. Both of these practices have changed my body and life for the better, and I have many students that say the same.

Class Descriptions:
YOGA STRETCH is an incredibly rejuvenating practice that focuses on lengthening the muscles, lubricating the joints, minimizing body pain, reinforcing alignment, and releasing stored energy in the body; all together enhancing the mind-body experience.

RESTORATIVE YOGA– In this class we focus on eradicating the body of tension to create space for naturally occuring healing energy to be properly distributed throughout the whole body. In this class not only do we create an hour long euphoric healing space, but we also teach our bodies healthy habits of releasing stress, in turn lengthening our lives and helping us all around feel better and lighter in our bodies.

I cannot emphasize enough how important these practices are for our health, our wellbeing, and the happiness of our caring loved ones. Let’s make this extraordinary mind/body practice we call Yoga a regular ingredient in our daily lives. Join me in discovering just how much Yoga can enhance your life.
Please reach out if you have any questions!

Lots of love, gratitude, and blessings from me to you.
Miranda Ratner


“Miranda’s class has been a wonderful introduction to yoga for me, with her clear instructions (and encouragement!) so important to a true beginner. I have enjoyed participating in your stretch classes and always feel so much more limber afterwards. I started with the Ebell promoted classes when the pandemic started. I have promised myself that I will be more diligent in participating, for my own good!”
— Mary Ruhl (Ebell Member)

“I love taking Miranda’s class. I had very little experience in Yoga beforehand. With Miranda’s teaching, my various aches and pains, particularly in my lower back, are thankfully diminishing. I use her stretches every day.” — Janis Barquist (Ebell Member)

“Miranda is a great yoga teacher! She creates personal relationships with the people in her class by really listening and caring. She individualizes the yoga practice for each of us by asking what we need, and then checks in during the class to see how we are doing. She makes individual suggestions for each of us as needed. She’s been very helpful and supportive with Zoom and Venmo issues. Sometimes I have bandwidth problems due to my internet connection and my Zoom session will drop for a moment. When the signal returns, she always notices and welcomes me back. Miranda is very friendly. A truly lovely person. I recommend her as a Yoga teacher to my friends. I really enjoy her classes.” — Cathy Rauch (Ebell Member)

See here for more information on how to join the class.