Join the Governance Committee!

from Janis Barquist, Director of Governance

January 12, 2022

Ladies of The Ebell!

The Governance Committee is a standing committee that works on Ebell governance issues.  Last year we rewrote the Conflict of Interest policy.  This year we organized and ran the first annual orientation training session for the new Board members.  We have the second annual orientation training session for next year’s newly elected Board members scheduled for next June. Planning for that event will start in the spring.

We are currently working on Board evaluation criteria and on revising Ebell Bylaws and Policies.  If you have any interest in these issues or in participating in these projects, please join us.

Please contact me by email to discuss further. We meet once or twice a month, usually on Wednesdays at noon, and often in person at The Ebell, though occasionally by Zoom.  We’d be happy to include YOU as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Janis Barquist
Governance Director