Computer Drive – Freedom Writers Need Your Old Computers

from Phyllis Hansen, Director of Programming and Ebell Historian

March 31, 2021


Do you have used-but-useful computers/devices to donate?  The Ebell is collecting for Freedom Writers Foundation Students April 10, 12:00-3:00 p.m.

Last August, Erin Gruwell, teacher and founder of the renowned Freedom Writers, was our impassioned guest speaker, via Zoom. Her story was the basis of the feature film, Freedom Writers, starring Hilary Swank as Erin, the transformative teacher in a racially divided Long Beach, CA. At the time of her Ebell appearance, she expressed an urgent need for electronic devices and computers to provide the students her Foundation now serves with technology to succeed. This need has only escalated as the pandemic continues and students are out of classrooms. You can meet her here as she tells us about this directly in a video clip she recorded just for us. Members can also view the archived recording of her Ebell program on our website.

What we are doing
During the program we as a club committed to helping Erin Gruwell gather usable computers (laptop or desktop), tablets, and any electronic school supplies for students. We are starting a computer drive for these in-kind donations. Of course, should you wish to donate new items or make a cash donation, the Foundation would also be very appreciative.

Erin Gruwell (center front) with some of her Freedom Writers

How you can help
Gather your own working devices from home, workplace, family, neighbors and friends that are no longer needed by you for our Freedom Writers Computer Drive.

How the Computer Drive will work
1. Important! Scrub your computers and devices of your own data. There are instructions online on how to do this.

2. Complete the submission form so we know what to expect.

3. Bring your devices for donation to The Ebell on Saturday, April 10, between noon and 3:00. Ebell volunteers will be here for contactless pickup from your vehicles and we will deliver the devices to Freedom Writers Foundation in Long Beach on your behalf.

4. Sign the release form we will provide and bring with you when you submit your donated items.

Note: your in-kind donations are going directly to the Freedom Writers Foundation. They are not an official Ebell philanthropy. Since we are serving merely as a conduit, we will not be providing receipts for tax purposes. The Freedom Writers Foundation lists itself as a tax-exempt organization; discuss any potential tax benefits with your tax advisor.

Thank you for helping make this successful, and for making a difference. Please let us know if you have questions at

Chair: Phyllis Hansen, Board Director of Programs