Call for Committee Volunteers

September 27, 2020

One of the best ways to engage with the Ebell community is to join one of our committees, which develop and promote member activities, support our philanthropic efforts and keep our membership connected and informed.  Here are some of the many opportunities at The Ebell to meet and work with other members in our community. 

 Now, more than ever, is time to take part.


Membership Committee
Looking to expand your friendships at The Ebell?  The Membership Committee is a great way to meet club members.  Membership is a key and vital element of The Ebell.  Please help us continue our diversity efforts and build a culture of connectivity with our current members.  We look forward to your ideas in this new era.  Please contact Aretha Green at or Meredyth Deighton at

Rest Cottage Association (RCA)
RCA is the Ebell’s oldest philanthropic arm.  It also stands for Relief, Compassion, and Action, which is what the Ebell RCA is all about.  We are Women Helping Women, with the goal of providing assistance to women in need, and their children, throughout Los Angeles County.  Each year, we provide grants to charitable organizations that share our mission, giving away more than $100,000 annually to non-profits that offer shelter to homeless families, help to victims of abuse, relief to cancer patients, resources to the elderly, and a wide array of other services. Every Ebell member is invited to become a member of the RCA.  All it takes is $12 for annual dues and the willingness to make a difference in your community.  We meet monthly on the second Monday (check the E-Magazine!) to review grant applications and look after our endowment. Please come join us!  Contact Randi Jones at

Social Services
Social Service Ambassadors work with the Rest Cottage Association grantees to develop a needed service or in-kind donation which Ebell members can participate in fulfilling. Currently, we have need of two to four new Ambassadors who will work with either The House of Ruth or Union Rescue Mission/Hope Gardens. If interested, please contact either Cheryl Finley or Jo-Ann Rodriquez at or

House and Grounds Committee
House and Grounds is responsible for the health and happy functioning of the Ebell’s historic building and grounds. We’re hoping to continue work on a few long term projects this year: writing a manual for the appropriate maintenance of the building materials, evaluating our accessibility, lighting, structure, space-planning and acoustical systems for long-term plans  –  in addition to any immediate needs.  We’d be delighted to have construction and design and landscape professionals join us with the work. Contact Caroline Moser at

Publications Committee
Do you like to write? Conduct interviews? Proofread?  Do you have an interest in graphic arts or photo layout?  The Publications Committee needs you!  Help create our EMagazine and other Ebell publications.  Contact Lizzie Blatt at

Programs Committee
If you’re a people-person, and enjoy our programs yourself, join us on the Programs Committee. Now that our programming is on Zoom, our schedule of events has grown to keep our club members connecting with one another. We meet via Zoom to brainstorm ideas and evaluate suggestions. It is a fun gathering of creative minds, the more the merrier now with a larger task load. We have sub-committees, too. If you have special interests or expertise, be it in food-and-wine, travel, art, health and wellness, performances, social justice, authors or speakers on some topic we have yet to think of, we need you to serve as a program chair or help with the outreach. Get in touch with Phyllis Hansen at

Development Committee
The Development Committee would like to recruit members interested in fundraising for The Ebell.  We now have a 501(C)3, Ebell Friends, so we can apply for grants, accept funds from private foundations/donor advised funds, IRA disbursements and planned giving. We’re now looking forward to starting a Sponsorship Committee but volunteers are needed!  Contact Lorraine Spector at

Historic Collections Committee
Our campus is filled with magnificent furniture, art, silver, costumes and archives.  If you would like to help maintain and preserve our Collections, contact Suzanne Wilton at

Scholarship Committee
This year the Scholarship Committee has welcomed a new class of 60 new and continuing scholars, awarding over $300,000!  Currently, we need, in particular, help with School Outreach and Public/Scholar Outreach. All new members are supported by current members as they learn the ropes. This is an ideal time to join the Scholarship Committee, as the training for the new evaluation period will not begin until the spring. Contact Judith Day at

Public Relations Committee
Come join the PR committee! We provide marketing communications support for the Ebell’s programs, philanthropy, fundraising and social services  We also support the staff. We’re a great team and are looking for new committee members who have professional experience with digital marketing, social media, SEO, Google AdWords and media relations. When the club opens up again, we will also need docents. Contact Rebecca Hutchinson at  Cell: (323) 646-6406.