A New Ebell Subcommittee

Posted by Cheryl Finley

February 1, 2024

We realize that some of our Ebell members do not use email and have therefore missed a lot of the club information since the Newsletter is now being sent via the internet. To rectify this, we have started a new Ebell Membership Subcommittee called Hands Across The Ebell. This group was created specifically to communicate with members who do not use email. In order to keep them informed about what’s going on at the club we will be mailing them the Newsletter and other information about Ebell events on a regular basis. Many of these members are older and are not getting out as frequently as they used to therefore, we will also be calling some of these members periodically to help keep them connected to the Ebell. At this time, we have approximately 26 members on our list who will be receiving the Newsletter by mail and about 15 of these will also get periodic phone calls. 

Current members of the subcommittee are: 

  • Cheryl Finley, Chair    
  • Lizzie Blatt 
  • Janice Berger-Landau 
  • Loyce Braun  
  • Donna Russel  
  • Paulinda Schimmel  

If you’re interested in joining our committee, please let us know.

Cheryl Finley