Welcome to EMagazine!

from Lizzie Blatt, Director of Publications

October 6, 2020

Welcome to our new blog, EMagazine!

“What’s this?” you say.  “Where’s my trusty and beloved Ebell Magazine?  And why haven’t they delivered it through my mail box, like always, the way I like it?”

Do you know it cost $64,000 per year to produce and distribute our Ebell Magazine?  Due to the COVID pandemic, the Club has been forced to meet the challenge of drastically reducing costs and coming to terms with a (hopefully temporary) substantially reduced staff.  We – and when I say “we” I mean Director of Graphics and Web Content Julia Soto – came up with this blog, EMagazine, as the solution.

With EMagazine we have done away with printing and distribution costs, and all the copy and design can be originated, entered and edited by the Director of Publications and the Publications Committee, thus enabling Ebell staff to concentrate on the myriad other pressing jobs this busy Club generates.

There are so many other advantages to EMagazine.  You will notice a plethora of links as you read, enabling you to jump to other items that might interest you.  And in due course, we will have an archive, allowing quick access to previous posts and articles.

Of course, not everyone is as computer-literate as they might like to be.  If you know of a member who may be uncomfortable using the new format, please encourage them to contact Meredyth Deighton at meredyth@ebelloflosangeles.com and she will do all she can to assist.

No one likes change, but please bear with us and you’ll find you enjoy using our new blog.

Most of you will be aware of our Ebell slogan: “I will find a way or make one”.   This is our “way.”  We hope you will love it!

Give us your feedback.  Contact Lizzie Blatt at lizzie@ebelloflosangeles.com.