Events: Good Times at the Annual Archives Bazaar

from Phyllis Hansen, Ebell Historian

November 4, 2021

June Bilgore, Denise Parga and Kay Lachter

Bright and early Saturday, October 23, “Team Archives Bazaar” arrived at the very grand Doheny Library on the campus of USC to set up our exhibition table at this annual event. The Archives Bazaar brings together historical and archival organizations all in one place for the day to showcase the collective history of greater Los Angeles.

Serving as ambassadors for The Ebell, Board Members Denise Parga and Phyllis Hansen, along with Archives Committee Chair Kay Lachter plus June Bilgore and Latoya Hearns helped spread the word about our club and theatre to a steady stream of curious and eager visitors as well as fellow exhibitors. Many stopped by our table to reminisce. Others were surprised to learn our story, including an interested member of the media. Brand new Ebell member Krista Kolegraff stopped by to enjoy the event and lend a hand.

Items from the Costume Collection

Exhibiting a few stunning antique accessory items from our Costume Collection along with an early photo album of beautiful studio portraits, a large scrapbook and our 125th anniversary cookbooks, we created a lot of buzz in the room. People in general appeared thrilled to return to a live Bazaar following last year’s remote version, and the energy of this popular and ever-growing event was evident throughout the day.


Latoya Hearns, June Bilgore, Krista Kolegraff and Kay Lachter