Book Chamber November Choice: The Inimitable Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse

from Constance Hornig, Book Chamber Chair

October 31, 2020

Join us Tuesday,  November 17, (3rd Tuesday) to discuss together . . . no, that’s not true  . . to LAUGH together at feckless, insipid, and obtuse Bertie Wooster; and his butler, the stolid, laconic, and ingenious Jeeves; with appearances by Bertie’s school buddy, young Bingo (AKA  “old blighter”, “poor fish” “dear old fathead” and “old crumpet”).  Throughout their romps Wodehouse devises ingenious similes sure to savor and amuse:

It sounded like about six hundred pigs having their tails twisted simultaneously, but it was simply the kid Harold, who appeared to be having some species of fit.

Jeeves coughed one soft, low, gentle cough like a sheep with a blade of grass stuck in its throat, and then stood gazing serenely at the landscape. 

The kid with the voice like a slate-pencil took a deep breath and started to let it go once more.

There was a scrambling sound, a kind of yelp, a scream in the offing, and a splash.

But just then the most frightful shindy started in the bedroom. It sounded as though all the cats in London, assisted by delegates from outlying suburbs, had got together to settle their differences once and for all. A sort of augmented orchestra of cats.

You may not have flown in a plane recently, but remember: Relax… Sit Back…  And Enjoy the Ride through Bertie’s and Bingo’s chronicles of befuddled loves in timeless English country houses. . . governed by austere, inexorable, and relentless Aunts .

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