Team Ebell Walks 5k for Ovarian Cancer Circle

from Lizzie Blatt, Director of Publications

June 1, 2021

Paulinda Schimmel Ovarian Cancer Circle Team Ebell

The team at the Ebell Door. From left: President Patty Lombard, Jessica Varone (guest), Myrna Gintel with Giacomo, Lizzie Blatt, Paulinda Schimmel, Laurie Schechter, Janna Bodek Harris and Beate McDermott-Kessler with Daisy

On Wednesday, 5 May, a group of Ebell members set out to walk a “virtual” 5 kilometers to raise money for The Ovarian Cancer Circle, brainchild of member Paulinda Schimmel, whose daughter, Robin Babbini, succumbed to the disease at the age of twenty.

If any of you would like to join the walk next year (2022) and help raise funds for desperately-needed research into this pernicious disease, please contact Paulinda Schimmel at