Book Chamber: November Book Choice

from Constance Hornig, Book Chamber Chair

November 4, 2021

Join us November 16 (the 3rd Tuesday) for our quick-read play – 84, Charing Cross Road – based on the book by Helene Hanff, including:

*“for whom the bell tolls … “;

*200 ml. each  flour, milk, and eggs; and

*Jackie Robinson and the team at Ebbets field.

Q: What do these have in common?

A:  Real-life American book-lover (Helene Hanff) and British book-seller (Frank Doel) correspond over years about these topics and more.

Q:  To what do they refer?

A: John Donne, Yorkshire pudding, and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

‘Buyer-seller’ evolve to ‘correspondents’,  segue to ‘friends’, throughout WWII and beyond.  Their letters expressing love of literature proves an apt choice for the Ebell Book Chamber.