RCA Grantee: Treasures Ministries

from Betty Petitt, Ambassador, Treasures Ministries

May 6, 2022

The mission of Treasures Ministries is to equip and empower women in the sex industry and survivors of trafficking to live healthy, flourishing lives and train others across the globe to do the same in their cities.

Research shows that women working in the commercial sex industry experience higher rates of drug addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, violent assaults, and mental health challenges, than the general population. Eighty-nine percent of women in the sex industry say they want to escape but see no other means for survival. Many of these women feel stuck and alone and are afraid to ask for help. Will I be judged? Will anyone understand what I have been through? What makes Treasures Ministries unique is that it is a survivor-led, trauma-informed, supportive community of women. They don’t judge, fix, or change anyone.

Treasures Ministries has finally been able to open its new Freedom Home to create a safe place for women to heal and find freedom from exploitation and trafficking. They are very grateful for the prayers and financial support that has made this happen. They now have a large comfortable place for group counseling, as well as individual counseling. The Rest Cottage Association’s grant money was used for counseling, as well as providing a 24-hour hotline for victims to get support and resources. Here is the testimony of one of the survivors:

“I have grown so much and done so much healing and more is yet to come. I don’t know any other place that would have provided a safe space for me to heal like the Treasures Ministries support group.”

The Freedom Home is still in need of a loveseat and a storage shed for their new home. If you can help provide either, please contact Jenn Newton at Treasures Ministries.

New Freedom Home for Treasures Ministries

Interior of new Freedom Home