Successful Spring Drive for RCA Grantees

from Arden Teplow, Chair, Social Service Committee

June 1, 2021

RCA imageryA request for donations to the Social Services Committee’s Spring Drive to benefit 14 of the RCA grantees was sent to all Ebell members over the last six weeks. This request was created due to the Pandemic and the Ambassadors’ inability to provide needed items. During this challenging time, the organizations realized all they needed to help the women and their children make it through were basics such as food and transportation.

These non-profit organizations help homeless women and children, improve the lives of women who have experienced trauma and domestic violence, support women after they have been incarcerated, empower women who have experienced sex trafficking, assist women veterans in recovery from trauma and homelessness, provide basic needs to low-income seniors, teach young women life skills, and provide support for women going through cancer.

To date, we have received $8,436 in donations. We are grateful, and humbled, by how generously our members have donated and cannot express how much it will mean to these organizations and the women and children they serve. With your help, we are able to provide many grocery, gas, and metro cards. These cards will allow vulnerable women to get the food, medical care and other services they need.

As always, Ebell members have reached out to the LA community and provided what was needed. A big thank you from all the Ambassadors of the Social Services Committee.

Arden Teplow, Chair
Social Services Committee