Ebell Housemen Renamed Facilities Management Department

from Rony Rosenbaum, Director of Human Resources

December 2, 2021

We are very pleased to announce that we have changed the title of the department for our inimitable Housemen. This is a long overdue change: the department has been elevated  to Facilities Management; the housemen are now Facilities Coordinators. And finally, Sal Mejia-Contreras has been promoted to Facilities Manager!

Our hope is that the new titles reflect the importance of the position these thoughtful and caring employees play in the life of the company and of the building.  They work so hard every day to keep our campus in its historic-landmark condition and to uphold the quality of the environment where we all work.

Sal has already been functioning as a leader of the team for quite some time, and is well-respected by his co-workers. His promotion is just an affirmation of his role, and we are so happy to welcome him to Ebell management.

It may take a bit of time to get used to referring to SalMarvin and Edgar as the Facilities Team (and no longer housemen), but please start practicing!

Please join me in congratulating Sal and his Facilities Management Team!

Facilities Manager Sal Mejia-Contreras

The Facilities Management team, left to right: Edgar Reyes, Sal Mejia-Contreras, Marvin Perez